Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Sometimes a person has extremely bat taste, and it's hard to like that person. It's hard to give that person any of your time, and give them the care that a human being expects to get from another human being. Sometimes that person has such bad taste that you need some gum or candy. That person also has bad taste in Webcomics.

That person also likes Nickyitis, which is a proud comic that announces with great pride that it is a disease.

What happens on Nickyitis? Who is the main character? These are both questions (take a look at the question marks. Those help to identify questions). Nickyitis is a webcomic. Nicky is the main character. These are statements.

Who is Nicky? Nicky is, I suspect, just another person with bad taste. You need to look no further than his bad hair style that he has for his hair. A very extreme version of the "comb over," he has one big black zig zag hair that grows out of the back of his head and is "combed over" the top and front of his head. Does no one realize that this man is bald? I have little patience for baldness myself. I was bald for a time, but as you can see in this picture of me, I have grown my hair out and stopped being bald:

Just look at a few examples of this bad comic, and you'll see what I mean. Right here is an image of two or three cave people who have some very serious problems. Is this a good comic? I sure don't find it good. I just find it a poor version of what might be a good comic. Sometimes no idea at all is better than a bad idea. This has been proven, so I don't have to waste my time proving it.

This comic is about the big fight. Now I am all about violence in comics, as I think that it is an "ingredient" that can tell a larger story, but have you seen this kind of violence before? It is never explained why the characters turn into just heads when they fight. I have always prided myself on having an entire body, even when I am having a sailor fight. This is not a slam against amputees of course.

Amputees, for the most part, cannot help that they are in the condition they are in. They should not be the butt of jokes, and it is somewhat cruel to portray amputation as a natural consequence of getting into a fight.

I find the very first strip very bad. I also find the very latest strip particularly bad. I just don't see what is so good about this comic that is making it so everybody is talking about it. It's not worth so much talk and jaw-wagging.

Speaking of jaws, do you think I would look good if I grew a beard? Here is a picture of what it would look like. Vote about it in the comment section.

Speaking of jaws again, Nicky's doctor has very large jowls. I can't help but think that this makes him a worse character (though the author would probably argue that it makes him a better character. I guess that just goes to show that some opinions are more valid than others). I don't think that the doctor is a very good character, but he could be a lot better if he did not have those jowls. He does not dress very well either. Very stereotypical for a doctor. What's wrong with a sweatshirt or a blue pair of pants (he wears white pants. Everyone in this comic wears a lot of white due to certain limitations).

This comic raises too many questions, and I would love to answer them, but how much time do you think that I have on my hands? Lots? The job of being a very famous blogger is not an easy job to do. Some people might think that it's easy because they have other jobs that they think are harder. They think that writing a blog is as easy as just writing a play, or being a guy who sings songs all day and plays an instrument. That's not me. That's not what I do.

The only time this comic comes close to being good is when there is a situation where someone might flip over at any time and reveal a new secret. That's what really gets me going, is when there could be a plot twist. This comic is a good example of that, because it has sort of a good thing going for it. I'm sure you can see what I mean when I say that the plot seems like it could become unstable and possibly unpredictable in some way.

I suppose that I should come up with some way of fixing Nickyitis to make it better than it is. I guess the best option would be to make the characters stop going on and on and on about worthless information, and actually tell me things that make sense and apply to the characters. Perhaps they could describe themselves so I would know what's going on with them. Like this:

But in the end, Nickyitis is kind of average. This strip shows that there is a good side to everything. This strip shows that sometimes there are more characters introduced later in a comic. This strip shows that sometimes the anniversary is better than the regular days. The primary message, though, can be found here in this comic. The message is that a kid can be a very irritating thing, and can have a zig zag instead of regular hair, and make lots of trouble for everyone, but in the end that kid is still a good character. I can't agree with that, because that is not my upbringing. I don't believe in being a bad kid with a zig zag instead of real hair, because that is just not what I was like when I was young.

Thank you for your time.

(((((^~^~^~Sonty Mick~^~^~^)))))