Sunday, November 4, 2007

Thinkin' Lincoln Responds

"Oh no! It looks like I've gotten a bad review from the infamous webcomics critic Sonty Mick! I might as well just throw in the towel right now."

That is the response that I inspired Miles Grover of Thinkin' Lincoln, and that's really the response I should be getting, because I am definitely a person who commands a certain level of respect. I'm not saying a high level of respect, but when it comes to the legions, I've barked an order or two.

Grover, your fear is healthy. It is only through fear that we grow, and it is only through growth that we enlarge. This is what my father taught me back when he was telling me what was good and bad about old comics in the newspaper (thats's right, readers. I come from generations of comic crit)

I'm glad that you, Grover, didn't take the cowards way out and give me a bad latter in the mail, or maybe find out what my ebay ID is and then give me a bad review after buying a mug from me. You are a worthy adversary. Way to promote peace through fear.

=++(((((~~<>~~Sonty Mick~~<>~~)))))++=


FeepingCreature said...

Hey, thanks for your list of webcomic recommendations!
I've followed some of your links and wanted to commend your taste in webcomics.

Also, sorry for not reading the posts associated with the links. I'm sure I'll get around to it sometime nowadays.

--feep :)

ria said...

oh man, you'd be shaking in your boots if you received a bad "latter" from him. oh my~

Andy Haverkamp said...

You mock all these artists, when your own site lacks any design whatsoever.

Unless this is a joke blog. I hope it is.

the sick monty said...

you get a pass on this one. The only thing worse than your "subtlety" and "irony" is the dude who writes thinkin lincoln being a puss.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, man. You should take a look at bLaugh.

It's so good.

Anonymous said...

that guy who gave you the third attempt reward has a webcomic. you should review it because its bad.

Anonymous said...

Okay this has to either be

a) A joke
b) Your just that oblivious to sarcasm.

Being a Thinkin Lincoln fan myself, I was going to refrain from commenting on your earlier blog about it, because there are always crtics of comics. But now I just have to say....... what?

Daniel said...

haha good one. I like the part about eBay.