Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Penny Arcade

OK, the first thing that you need to know about this comic is what is up with it. The answer is probably nothing because as we have seen and has been proven over and over a thousand (or a hundred) times is that this is a bad webcomic.


Now I know that you have heard it all before, and I know that you have been back to that dry well until you have emerged drier than a butt that you have wiped with this comic. I know. But lets take a closer look, shall we?

First of all what is this all about?


(I might know)

(but this one I'm not so sure...)

Anybody who has an explanation is free to comment, because in this blog I believe in freedom.

Anyway, on the subject: Penny Arcade. Who drew this? A circus? I mean, it's one thing to be a circus performer and another thing to be a guy who works at the circus but does not perform (pocorn seller?) The penny arcade guys pull out every trick in the book, though. Every sungle trick. (I spelled single wrong on purpose)

Here's a recent example:
OK, it seems to make sense at this point. I mean, you win that argument. But lets take a good strong look at what we get if we move in for a closer look...

Are you starting to see what I mean? It's almost scary, but I don't like to think about it. But when we get even closer of course the questions start to get a little bit more personal...

I think that I've made my point clear. If I haven't, then let me break it down:

  1. Penny Arcade is not a true story and cannot claim to be based on true events.
  2. Penny Arcade comes out three times a week with another "strip"
  3. THEREFORE Penny Arcade has an unrealistic concept of time and place.
I don't know who reads this, but boy are they going to be embarrassed when they figure this out. I don't hate the people, I just hate the comic. Here's a quick rundown of the details:

The Art: At least it's American. I'm tired of all these dogs who try to draw but every time they draw a collar they just raise questions. It's not like this happens automatically.

The Writing: I've read a lot of things. Books, pamphlets, brochures, bulletins, power point presentations, newspapers, closed captioning, street signs, antique store signs, articles, magazines, plaques and baseball scoreboards. None of them were like this.

And that's really all I have to say, because this is starting to piss me off. Don't read Penny Arcade. You'll only encourage Penny Arcade to keep on being itself and giving me more to get pissed about.

-Sonty Mick


Sonty Mick said...

Eat your heart out, John "Soul Man"

Anonymous said...

i would like to point out that i like this comic, so:
1) space and time are an uninterrupted continuum.
2) nobody likes you

Simas said...

What? Penny-arcade.com? You MUST be kidding. It's like the godfather of all webcomics. I will keep reading your blog, because you hate really great comics. Might find one I don't read already. :)

Jackson said...

I...I actually think he is kidding. I mean, I don't know, but that's the vibe I'm getting.

Anonymous said...

Ouch...Webcomics must've done something horrible to you as a child...

I mean, hating a comic because of the way the collars are drawn?!?

the sick monty said...

yeah no body likes you sonty mick or should i say jaunty spick.

the sick monty said...

ok so it turns out jaunty doesn't mean u have jaundice.

but you do have jaundice so it is ok BURNNNNNNNNN

Sonty Mick said...

anonymous, I don't hate the way the collars are drawn. I rarely hate anything except for maybe the devil and George W. The collars just make me feel perplexed. Is that killing you?

Anonymous said...

dude. seriously.

i hate this webcomic. i do. i think it's the biggest waste of comic ever conceived. i think i've laughed at a grand total of four strips, and i tried, i actually did try reading through some of it. and it's horrible for the exact reason you stated: the writing.

but the art? nevermind the stupid collars, you're actually badmouthing the art of a webcomic? and singling that out in your review? you could've actually taken the time to explain (i.e., "review") why the writing is so bad. instead, you merely show examples, expect us to agree with you, and complain about collars.

you're more of an arrogant bastard than i am. just wanted you to know that.

Anonymous said...

Ok...I respect your right to an opinion, but honestly? You haven't justified it very well. You've mentioned collars (By the way, you didn't need to print them three times to draw focus to them. Use your words.), but I'm not sure I see what your problem is with them.
You also say that it has realism problems, but if that really bothers you that much then *all if fiction* might be a bit of an issue for you. 'Gabe and Tycho' are not real people. They represent real people. Nobody was convinced otherwise.
And now the 'art issue'. I've already mentioned the collar thing, but I think it's unfair of you to cite extremely early examples just to prove your point. Even within your post, the comic's progression can be seen, and taking strips from all over the place doesn't make any kind of point. As for how it looks now, it's just a style. It's consistant, it's smooth, and it's always clear what's going on. Do you just hate cartoons? What webcomics do you like, exactly?
And finally, the writing. Your main point against it seems to be...um...nothing. Beyond simply saying it's bad and linking to an example, you've done nothing whatsoever to explain your point of view. Making a list of 'things you've read' may make for an impressively sized paragraph, but it's just lazy and makes your overall point unclear. Someone who writes like you do has no place bashing Penny Arcade.
So, essentially, this entire post is a shambles. Next time, structure your arguments with meaningful points and well-explained examples instead of farting out nebulous, aimless posts about things that make you mad.

Anonymous said...

I originally read that as farting out cheerios.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you guys YOU GUYS. SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS. I'm pretty sure he's joking. Read the review as if it's actually a satire of reviews, and you'll realize it's hilarious. I mean, zooming in on Tycho's color like it's some kind of indistinct Bigfoot in a low-quality home video? I was cracking up!


Guan said...

I laughed. Then I read the comments and I sighed. No one seems to understand that the guy is joking. Except for the anonymous that commented above me. And anyone who didn't comment but still understood that it's a joke review.

Anonymous said...

I know what this guy's up to. He's trying to one-up John Solomon, because there are some webcomics that even John Solomon refuses to hate, and Penny Arcade is one of them. I whole-heartedly support his "more-spite-filled-than-thou" attitude, because I honestly believe that Penny Arcade is no higher quality than Ctrl+Alt+Del, and it's about time that people realized that this webcomic simply is NOT FUNNY, and ought to be dethroned once and for all.

Anonymous said...


this is the best thing I have ever seenThese people are your paint, Sonty Mick, and you wield a fiery brush. Well done.

Anonymous said...

interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

Anonymous said...

great read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone seem to think that just because something is satire it automatically makes it brilliant, witty, hilarious and the most intelligent thing ever written. There is a difference between good satire and bad satire, and to cross the line from bad to good you have to be a good writer. Unfortunately Mr Sonty is not. Far from it. I fail to see the point. All I see is a maddox wannabe. A terribly unfunny one. Even worse than ninjapirate.

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Anonymous said...

I hate this comic too. Not so much for the reasons you pointed out, but more because gabe comes off as a sometimes funny, sometimes witty but mostly inept man-child, while tycho is rarely anything more than a pompous asshole who goes out of his way in every accompanying 'article' to illustrate the fact that he bought a thesaurus at some point.

Zeuta1 said...

You know, I've actually started coming here to find good comics to read. He always tarnishes the best, so why not use his hatred as a reference to good material? Thank you Sonty for introducing me to such good webcomics! Even if you're a sleezebag who can't write worth shit.

Anonymous said...

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Shawn Deny said...

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