Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Unhappy Star

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the worst.

I have read some bad webcomics, and each one of them was like a road down a path that if you drive on it you go insane. I hate hate HATE bad webcomics. This I claim.

That is why I don't know how to feel about Unhappy Star. It's a bad webcomic, so my first instinct is to hate it, but then I get the shakes, and I don't understand my own decision. That's when I need to really find some perspective and move on.

This is the first strip in the series. Pretty bad, huh?

I almost didn't review this comic because I just know that if I do, I'm not going to be able to sleep for a couple of days. But lost sleep is better than lost journalistic integrity. That first strip, by the way is about a cactus with a beard. There is a man sitting on a stump, but we never see his face. That's where I zoned out. When I couldn't see his face. He might as well have no expressions and be a robot.

Then I thought about what the strip would be like if he really was a robot.

I guess not much better, huh?

It's really too bad that it has to be this way.

In this installment, a guy opens doors with his bare hands and people are amazed.

Well I guess that Justin Macoulay (the author) wants us to all be amazed that his charactr can open doors with his bare hands. Big whoop. I open doors with my own hands 1-99 times a day and nobody ever baked me brownies for it. Nobody even ever told me that I did a good job.

This is so stupid.

The next one has a woman in it

Are you expecting her to be so hot that we don't notice, Justin?


OK now I have reviewed most of these strips and I can't go on because it's so bad. But still I'm going to list some things that are wrong with it:

1. Clothes. Why do they dress like that? Was any thought put into it?
2. The name. Why is the star so unhappy? Nobody knows!
3. There is no way to participate in this comic.
4. I don't even remember the names of the characters. Names should be memorable.
5. That's enough.

-Sonty Mick


Sammy B. said...

Your webcomic review site is A+ would read again and you should feel proud.

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome comic thanks for the link, never would have found this gem, A+ would read again.

Yaoi Huntress Earth said...

Not a bad review, but I thought you could've went into more detail with how it sucks.