Thursday, September 20, 2007

Alien Loves Predator

Ok, sometimes when I'm just working and writing my reviews and just having a good old time, out of the blue something happens to make me pissed. Just extremely pissed. Like today I was just pissed for no reason, but some days there are reasons.

But then I turn to web comics to cheer me up.

And what do I see?

I guess what I see is something that probably should be a cave painting because it is so primitive. Warning: The art is too realistic. It's photos. That's why.

OK, now that I've got that off my chest let me show you what goes wrong.


I feel like I've been doing this blog for years, because I've had to read so many horrible webcomics, and it's really starting to turn me into a different kind of person. Like when I go to the store, and I'm looking at magazines, lately I see pictures of Linsey Lohan or whoever and I don't say anything to anyone. Then when I finally get a breath of fresh air, I'm not sure if I appreciate it or if I'm just used to it.

That's why I hate Alien Loves Predator.

I know what you're thinking; This was a movie. Yes it was a movie, and yes I saw the movie. I only remember one scene, though, and that's where there was a pyramid and some guys were running down the side.

Oddly enough that's a pretty apt description of this comic, only instead of a pyramid it's New York, because I guess that was cheaper than Egypt, huh?

I could go on forever.

Let me show you a panel that could improve...

The problem with this is not that bill clinton is in here. We are all used to seeing political comics. The problem comes in when we see that old bill is talking about ballots. That's a problem because we already expect him to talk about that. It is not a surprise. It's a better joke if it's something you don't expect. I would change it to this:

As you can see, the joke is funnier when I change it.


A lot of people have been wanting to know if I can even draw comics if I am always talking about ones that are bad. Well, I have a little demonstration here. It's just a quick sketch, and it's not about the kinds of things I would normally draw comics about, but you get the idea...

It's just a simple little thing. I did it in just a couple minutes, Maybe I'll make it better later...

I just wanted to have something up.

-Sonty Mick


Anonymous said...

your comic is not that good!!!! if you speak negatively about a created object you must be able to yourself create an object better than the one that you speak negatively about!!!!!

Sonty Mick said...

It's just the rough draft.

Anonymous said...

So you hate this webcomic because the writer did something NEW and made it look REAL?

Anonymous said...

Well, You seem to hate a style that is growing in popularity and based off an art form that is made popular by a magazine. (Toyfare) And well i guess you are entitled to your opinions, they suck. I give props to the comic because he is playing off a COMIC book and a video game series that it does relate to, even if they are roommates living in the F*** hole of New York city